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Buttercup - Carlton Ware

The Buttercup pattern is a very popular and very collectable design. Why did Carlton Ware use such a common plant which most consider a weed? This could have been due to the influence of 17th century rococo designs. During this period Josiah Wedgwood was also producing tea pots using the naturalistic designs of fruit and vegetables. Many other potteries followed this trend in the 1830's, 1930's and 1940's.

The pattern was introduced by Carlton Ware in about 1936 and continued until the 1940's and maybe a bit later. It was produced in two colourways: yellow and the much rarer pink.

The Buttercup pattern is a very pleasing and aesthetic design. The buttercup itself is not used just as a painted decorative design on the outside of the piece, it is also used within the shape of each design. Many pieces with handles or spouts had aspects of the flower incorporated into this feature in a very decorative way.

The pink colourway is probably more sought after, being rarer. It was not originally as popular in pink (perhaps appearing less natural than yellow) and consequently smaller quantities were made. Prices tend to be much higher for the pink range.

(Information obtained from Carlton Ware Catalogue & Price Guide by Dr Czes & Yvonne Kosniowski)

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